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Trees from my backyard

A brand new start.A brand new site. A brand new Blog.Whole rebranding.But where does it start from? I guess I should take it from the beginning.I consider myself blessed from the ancient Gods (particularly God Apollon), as I was raised in the mythical land of Delphi, within the ruins of our great, ancient Greek civilization. So it does not seem surprising that I feel passionate about photography, since I lived in such a beautiful place for almost 20 years.I grew up in the countryside and since I was a little boy I enjoyed taking long walks, lying on the grass, wandering around the ruins and eye-capturing the countless and magnificent images of the surroundings that this landscape had to offer. At the same time, I was a curious child and my father, who was also somehow interested in photography, gave me the chance to play with a dozen cameras and present my tendency in the art of photography.In these years of innocence, at the age of 12, I took my first photograph ("Niepce" as I like to call it). It's a photo of the trees, as I could see them from the backyard of our house, almost at the top of the hill of our village, using a Canon A1 camera. This image was my actual view among the concrete walls of the buildings from which my house was surrounded. This photo is very precious to me not because it's my best sample of technique of course, but because it certainly carries a huge emotional package within me.What I find important is the fact that although at this age I could easily take a picture of a poster, hanging on the wall of my bedroom or my dad’s car, for example, I instead chose to take this picture.A "landscape" one. _______________________________________I must admit that I am very curious about how this blog will do at its own journey. I would love to hear your comments and notes on my photos and the blog itself, as well as suggestions for possible places that could become my next photographic trip!Thanks for stopping by, I will be coming back often with new stories and photos. Our next journey awaits...