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PIL – People I Like - #3 – MPC Music Man Mr. Billa Qause

My third entry for my personal PIL project is the talented Mr. Billa Qause.Instead of other words, I think that his pretty impressive cv (and some links and sounds) will give you an idea of who the man is behind the persona:He was born in 1979 in Athens. At the age of 17 he was the MC and producer for the hip hop group A.K.P.A. In 2002 together with DJ Mcd, they formed Neverland and created a project named ‘Dreams’ from Planetworks.In 2009 he released his first personal project  “Jazzova” from Cast-A-Blast. In 2010 along with J. Melik, Elephant Phinix and Kill Emil they are forming the beatmaking group “Pad Trio” under their own label by the name Beatquick.In 2012 he releases his second project “E-Chop” and the “Raw sessions” with Pad Trio, while in 2013 Billa Qause’s beats were featured in several compilations such as “The French Touch Connection”, “Riddim Fruit”  and “Pure Dopeness 8”.Earlier this year he released his third project named “Zentai Teki Ni” (All Around) from Beatquick. A project based on sounds, vocals and organs from different places of the world with soulful samples and down tempo beats.Billa Qause is now using one (or more) AKAI Mpc 2500and his live shows are spectacular.You can get a taste by watching his famous video project “On the Roof” in Nicosia, Cyprus and Pad Trio at TEDxAthens 2013 or listen to his magic tunes at Soundcloud.

What a man!