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Beggars | Live in Athens

I suppose that, for many people, music is a great love and concerts are the mistresses. That is definitely the case for me.At the end of last October, I visited The Crow Club in Athens to enjoy one of my favourite bands: Beggars.Beggars is currently one of the most dynamic rock bands in Greece and their live shows are the definition of rock’n’roll.There is always the dilemma in concerts to enjoy the live or take the photographs, but i guess that is the dilemma in every good show. In this live show i decided to take some pictures of the boys for their first 5 songs and then I gathered my camera, grabbed a beer and enjoyed pure, desperate rock’n’roll.

Yannis, Angelos and Chili | Multiple focal length | Multiple aperture and shutter speed | ISO 3200

Love and rock'n'roll | 96mm | 1/45 | f4.5 | ISO 3200

On stage | 18mm | 1/90 | f5.6 | ISO 3200

Guitar solo | 50mm | 1/180 | f1.8 | ISO 3200

Sweating | 50mm | 1/90 | f2.8 | ISO 3200

Rapture | 50mm | 1/90 | f2.8 | ISO 3200

My favourite song from the setlist | 135mm | 1/60 | f4.5 | ISO 3200

BIOBeggars is a rock trio from Athens - Greece. The band was formed in 2009 by founding members Yannis Passas (vox-guitars) and Chili (bass).By the end of 2010 Angelos Tanis (drums) came into the equation to complete the band's line up.DISCOGRAPHY2011: "Back to basics..." / 2013: "The Truth" / 2014: "Desperate Rock'n'Roll" / 2015: “Devil's Highway” / 2016: “It's all about Rock'n'Roll 2010-2015” (Compilation album)The band has shared the stage with artists such as: Thin Lizzy, Eric Burdon, The Godfathers and Red Fang.The band is currently working on the new material for its 5th upcoming album which is due to be released in 2017.  IT'S ALL ABOUT ROCK'N'ROLL | BEGGARS